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Studio No. 8 started in 2013 as a place to share my artwork with friends and family. Now it is home to my collection of many creative projects and all my sources of inspiration. Things that I want to share with everyone!

Macreme Plant Hanger

Macreme Plant Hanger





Get some rope

Cut six lengths about 4 yards each.

String through a wooden hoop so the middles are resting in the loop.

Cut another cord about one foot and coil it around the cord group while tucking the ends down inside. A tool like a screwdriver can be helpful. 


Leave about 2 feet of space before you start knotting your cords. There are several knots you can use, if you want to double knot - go for it!

For the knotting pattern - divide your cords in groups of three. Four cords per group. Knot them together at the 2 foot mark.

Next move 6 inches down and knot again. This time splitting your groupings in half and combining them with half of it's neighboring group. 

The last knot you need is tying all the cords together 6 inches down from your last knots. 

Hang and set a pretty plant inside!

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