Established in 2015 by Caitlin Eleanor Thomas, Studio Number Eight is a company that takes a traditional print method and creates something ultimately unique.  It originated from the combination of fine art medias - black and white photography and wood.  Both forms interlink to combine textures and ultimately create an enhanced visual experience - one that adds depth and a little touch of kismet when the perfect piece of wood matches with it's complementary photograph.  Here at Studio Number Eight, we make art and craft objects from the heart.

The idea for Studio Number Eight came about from years working in the print and sign industry paired with Caitlin's love of DIY projects.   Her main focus is in print design, but her love for making things goes beyond that…extending into photography, sewing, printmaking, and home decor.

Studio Number Eight is currently located in the beautiful city of Oakland, California. 

All of our products are thoughtfully made and crafted in the USA.

Studio Number Eight
Caitlin Eleanor Thomas